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"It has been five short years since the task of building this institution was begun. 
This period has, however, been but a moment in the life expectancy of this college and 
it must be remembered that in this short space of time we have but laid the foundation 
and on that foundation we must now build a structure that will forever be a monu- 
ment to ethical and competent education. Simultaneous with junior college status, 
tremendous responsibilities have been assumed. We have created a sound program. 
Let us not think, however, in terms of five years but perhaps lay plans for the next 
100 years. Our obligation is to the community and dedicated to greater service to the 
students who enter and graduate from this school. I ask you as students not to think of 
these responsibilities in terms of faculty and administration alone but rather to remem- 
ber that this is your school and those responsibilities are equally yours. Your actions, 
your thoughts, your services create tradition and within this spirit you leave behind 
you for those students who follow a greater understanding of human values. The future 
offers to us a tremendous challenge. We must meet it with courage, vision and under- 

October 28, 1949 


To President Thomas G. Carr 

We wish to dedicate this, the first yearbook of Bay 
Path Junior College, to President Carr in recognition of 
his untiring efforts in our behalf. 



Dean Emma McCraray 

Faculty and Staff 

Alice E. Bradley 

Marion Merrifield 

Edith Kiczek 

Margaret E. Dick 

Hubert W. Kregeloh 

Ethelle Friedman 




van Valkenburgh 

Prescott Barrows 

Alber+a B. Cushman 

Jean E. Dinwoodie 

Hazel Ellingwood 

Leila R. Simon 

Emily S. Cichonski 

William C. Young 


Senior Class Officers 

Marion Cook 
Vera Dillon 
Jean Welt 
Jeanne Benjamin 
Emily S. Cichonski 






Class of '50 

Beverly Amundsen 

94 Edgell Street 
Gardner, Massachusetts 

"Bev" . . . The stage and Don . . . antiques 
to know . . . "Maybe It's Because." 

Senior Hostess; Fall Fashion Show, 2. 

Rita Regina Anelons 

9 Crane Avenue 
Maynard, Massachusetts 

"Short, blond, sweet" . . . smiles and generosity 
never a care . . . Fairy Tales . . . swimming . . 
Said My Pajamas." 

Glee Club, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2; Mixers, I, 2. 


\iirniii It illrr 

214 West Street 
Gardner, Massachusetts 

"Naha" . . . "Want my left elbow?" . . . "Keene" 
interest in New Hampshire . . . roller skating . . . 
"Again" . . . Happiness is a thing called Norma. 

Dorm Committee, I, 2; Outing Club, I; Glee Club, I; 
Student Council, 2; Senior Hostess; Mixers, I, 2; 
Fashion Show, I; Prom Committee, 2; Yearbook Staff. 

June Rose Austin 

Halladay Avenue 
Suffield, Connecticut 

"Irish, yes, but not green." . . . Pert and pretty . . . 
terrific dresser . . . "Why did you trump that? It 
was mine!" 

wonderful sense of humor. "My fool- 

ish Heart." 

Queen's Court, I; Yearbook Staff, I; Outing Club, I; 
Fashion Shows, I ; Senior Hostess; Prom Committees, 
2; Glee Club, I; Dramatic Club, 2. 

Estclle Aline Beaolieu 

225 Walnut Street 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 

Bowling . . . knitting . . . driving . . . bridge . . . 
Inseparable from Gagnon . . . "Why do I have to do 

Jeanne Patricia Benjamin 

46 Douglas Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

Lounging around . . . tennis . . . spending time in 
Longmeadow . . . unexpected week-end trips ... "I 

Fashion shows, I; Outing Club, I; Senior Hostess; 
Treasurer of Senior Class; Editor "Hourglass!'. 

Marion Ellen Bissell 

1022 Farmington Avenue 
West Hartford, Connecticut 

Always working, always singing, always knitting . . . 
attractive . . . wonderful to know . . . Summertime 
and Pennsylvania . . . Frankie Lane's "Stay As Sweet 
As You Are." 

Glee Club, I, 2; Glee Club President 2; Outing Club, 
I; Senior Hostess; Dorm Committee, I; Fashion Show, 
I; O ueens Court, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2; Dean's List, 2. 

Barbara Bock 

Sycamore Knolls 

South Hadley, Massachusetts 

Bowling . . . "A personality that can't be beat" . , 
woman in white . . . half interest in a Club coupe. 

Outing Club, I; Fashion Show, I. 

I!mmr liiilli Itmk 

Sycamore Knolls 

South Hadley, Massachusetts 

"I can do wonders with five gallons of gas!" "I'm 
just not hungry!" . . . Bernie . . . cooperative person- 
ality . . . loves to swim . . . one of those lucky gals 
who drives to school. 

Fashion Show, 
I, 2. 

I; Prom Committee, I; Outing Club, 

Norma Elaine Brainard 

55 Hopkins Place 
Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

"Her Hair is her crowning glory" . . . giggle, giggle 
. . . one of those Sunday-Niters' enthusiasts . . . 
"The Man I Love" . . . loves to knit . . . oh, those 
men in her life! 

Fashion Show, I, 2; Outing Club, I; Hostess to U. N. 
Secretaries; Mixers, 2; "Hourglass" Staff. 

Ellen Elizabeth Brown 

151 Main Street 
Lee, Massachusetts 

Easy to know . . . phone calls . . . dancing . . . the 
"Berkshires" . . . "You're So Understanding." 

Fashion Shows, I, 2; Mixers; Outing Club, I; Glee 
Club, I; Senior Hostess. 


Irene Annette Buchanan 

997 Tinkham Road 
Wilbraham, Massachusetts 

"Thou who hast the fatal gift of beauty, how sweet 
you are." Queen of queens . . . beautiful smile . . . 
Carlie . . . That charming blush . . . "Because" . . . 
Springfield College . . . Telephone calls. 

Glee Club, I, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Mixers, 2; 
Bay Path Queen, 2; Steering Committee, 2; Senior 
Hostess; Outing Club, I; Fashion Show, I. 

Arlene Mary Burnham 

19 Harlow Road 
Springfield, Vermont 

"There's a twinkle in her eyes, and her lips give 
banter free." Lee . . . "Got a letter yesterday!" . . . 
Another one of those bridge fiends ..." Say court, 
Lee" . . . "dear old Delta Phi!" . . . loves music, 
particularly "I Only Have Eyes for You." 

Class Vice-President, I; Glee Club, I, 2; Mixers, I; 
Fashion Show, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Yearbook, 
I, 2; Outing Club, I; Dean's List, I; Senior Hostess. 

Shirley Mae fhristensen 

123 New Britain Avenue 
Rocky Hill, Connecticut 

"She looks meek as a lamb, but look again!" Square 
dancing . . . Cole Porter's music . . . gab sessions 
. . . "Go West, young woman!" Italian food . . . 
"I Can Dream, Can't I?" 

Glee Club, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2; Mixers, I, 2; 
Prom Committees, 2. 


Helen Mary Chudzik 

518 Eddy Glover Boulevard 
New Britain, Connecticut 

"A truly vivacious little Miss." Nick . . . Italian food 
. . . Vaughn Monroe ... all these head Helen's list 
of favorites ... in her spare time she knits and reads 
. . . "What do you want me to do? Stand on my 
head and whistle 'Dixie'?" 

Outing Club, I; Senior Hostess; Mixer Committee, I; 
Prom Committee, I, 2. 

Christine Clark 

303 Chestnut Street 

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

"She was born under a dancing star." Sweet . . . 
helpful . . . friendly . . that's our Chris . . . "Bully 
for you!" . . . loves to dance. 

Fashion Show, 2; Prom Committee, 2; Outing Club, I. 

Joan Clark 

180 Essex Street 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 

"Sweeter than the roses in May." "Maybe It's Be- 
cause" . . . spaghetti . . . cats . . . loves to dance, 
knit and bowl . . . "Oh, Joseph!" . . . "Fran" 

Student Council, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2; Outing Club, 
I; Prom Committees, I. 

Marion Hewitt Cook 

17 Oxford Road 
Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

"Laugh and the world laughs with you." "Cookie" 
Cooperative in anything she undertakes . . . Robbie 
. . . "Stardust" . . . loves sports and music . . . knits 
argyles and sweaters for a wandering radioman. 

Class President, I, 2; Fashion Show Narrator, I; Dean's 
List, I; Student Council, I, 2; Yearbook Staff, I, 2. 

Joan Carol Crompton 

449 Franklin Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"A quiet personality is a thing of pleasure." Loves 
ice cream . . . speed fiend in shorthand and typing 
. . . spends her spare time in the lounge . . . "Oh, 
honestly!" . . . enjoys knitting, reading, and playing 

Outing Club, I, 2; Glee Club, I; Dean's List, I; Year- 
book Staff, 2. 

Joan Ruth llmsimski 

181 Edendale Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"Give me my music and I'll be happy." Tells those 
long, involved stories . . . "May I borrow your eraser?" 
. . . Peter . . . Bay Path's own Lily Pons ... "A 
Sleepy Lagoon" . . . always willing to help. 

Glee Club, I, 2; Fashion Show, I; Prom Committees, 
2; Outing Club, I. 

Veronica Elizabeth Dillon 

188 Stratford Road 
New Britain, Connecticut 

Vera ... a Niagara of enthusiasm cascading from a 
stream of school spirit . . . Friendly's . . . Springfield 
College . . . dancing . . . "Tonight We Love." 

Class Vice-President, 2; Chairman, Steering Commit- 
tee, 2; Dorm Committee, 2; Yearbook, 2; Fashion 
Show, I, 2; Outing Club, I; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; 
Senior Hostess. 

Anne Mary Drenzek 

North Street 
Suffield, Connecticut 

"Silence never betrays you." What would our Suffield 
commuters ever do without Annie? . . . loves to bowl 
and dance . . . "White Rose Waltz" . . . one of those 
busy medical girls. 


Outing Club, I, 2; Mixers, I, 2. 

Bonnie Wing Edwards 

I Mayapple Road 
Stamford, Connecticut 

and P.O. Box 706 
Nassau, Bahamas 

"I'm in love again" . . . fondness of red hair . . . Back 
to Nassau . . . "It Isn't Fair." 

Fashion Show, 2; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; Dean's List, 
I, 2. 

Joyce Elizabeth Felsbnrg 

26 Acorn Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"Life is just one thing after another." "Blue Moon" 
... a Gene Xrupa fan . . . frequent trips to New York 
. . . loves to sleep . . . hard-working co-editor of the 
campus newspaper . . . cards, swimming, Wednesday 

Fashion Show, I; Outing Club, I, 2; "Hourglass" Edi- 
tor, 2; Senior Hostess; Herald Tribune Forum, 2. 

Dorothy Ferrara 

381 Oakland Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"A more warm-hearted girl is hard to find." Dot . . . 
convertibles . . . trips to New York ... "I Only Have 
Eyes for You" . . . Joe . . . wonderful personality. 

Outing Club, Treasurer, I, President, 2; Fashion Show, 
I, 2; Mixers, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Senior Hos- 

Bernice J. Fishbone 

306 West Main Street 
Norwich, Connecticut 

"Time and tide wait for no man." Bernie . . . can be 
seen playing pinochle at noon . . . loves food and 
music . . . "Blue Moon" . . . very fond of knitting and 
reading. Don't rush me, "Marty." 

Outing Club, I, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Yearbook, 
2; Senior Hostess. 

Jean Elizabeth Fisher 

75 Wilton Road 
Windsor, Connecticut 

"Ray" and M.I.T. . . . likes skiing and pinochle. "Blue 

Fashion Show, I; Senior Hostess. 

Audrey Irene Fleishman 

705 Allen Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"Sandy", loves pinochle and pickles . . . Buick -fan . . . 
knitting — oh that last stitch. "You're Too Dangerous, 

Prom Committee, 2; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; Yearbook 
Staff, 2. 

Joyce Fontaine 

40 Hendrick Street 
Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts 

"Oh, that cute li'l gal." "Bunny" . . . favorite song 
"Dancing in the Dark" . . . Cole Porter fan . . . Pina 
at the Venice . . . ping pong, . . . swimming . . . 
dancing . 

Prom Committee, 2; Senior Hostess; Glee Club, I, 2; 
Mixers, I, 2; Fashion Shows, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2. 

Carol Joan Frissell 

12 Hillside Avenue 
Littleton, New Hampshire 

"Friz" . . . full of fun . . . New Year celebrations . . . 
tantal-eyes-ing . . . Page . . . "Always "... roller 
skating . . . canasta . . . Sammy Kaye . 

Student Council, I, 2, (Secretary, 2); Prom Commit- 
tees, I, 2; Fashion Show, I; Yearbook, 2; Outing Club, 
I; Glee Club, I. 

Justine Frissell 

12 Hillside Avenue 
Littleton, New Hampshire 

"Jussy" . . . cute as a trick on roller skates . . . Air 
Corps . . . look out for Hawaiian skirts . . . Air-Mail 
letters . . . Norm. 

Glee Club, I; Outing Club, I; Fashion Show, I. 

Joan Margaret Gagnon 

83 Greylock Avenue 

North Adams, Massachusetts 

Oh, those ivories . . . swimming . . . ice skating . . . 
"California, Here I Come" . . . Army football enthusi- 
ast, past, present, and future . . . how about a good 
poker game . . . give me a peanut butter and marsh- 
mallow sandwich any time. 

Glee Club, I . 

Juan Carol linrlzr 

Brimfield Road 
Palmer, Massachusetts 

Joannie . . . Studebaker convertible . . . frequent trips 
to Ludlow . . . private phone . . . Eddy . . . "Senti- 
mental Me" 

Glee Club, I; Fashion Show, I, 2; Hostess -for U. N. 
Secretaries, I; Senior Hostess. 

Marion Ruth Hall 

54 Silver Street 
Agawam, Massachusetts 

"Oh, for someone to share the altitude with." Frankie 
Carl and Chopin. 

Glee Club, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2, Secretary, I; 
Fashion Show, I; Mixers, I, 2; Student Council, I, 2, 
President, 2; Prom Committee, 2; Representative to 
NSA conferences; Senior Hostess; Yearbook ,2. 

Anne Hart 

134 Pleasant Street 
Orange, Massachusetts 

"I can resist anything but temptation." Sweetest per- 
sonality . . . Al Jolson ... is "Her Boy" . . . noontime 
bridge fun . . . any time Blue Moon is played, just 
look for Anne, she'll be there! 

Glee Club, I; Outing Club, I; Fashion Show, 2; Prom 
Committees, I, 2; Yearbook, I, 2; Bay Path Senior 
Scholarship; Senior Hostess. 

Marion Janet Hosko 

46 North State Street 
Ansonia, Connecticut 

"Give me a man who is 6' 2" . . . Marion . . . for- 
ever getting stones in her shoes . . . "Does anybody 
know a man who is nice and tall?" . . . more and more 
sweets . . . "Those Little White Lies." 

Student Council, 2; Outing Club, I; Yearbook 2; Prom 
Committee, I, 2. 

Dorothy Marie Kaplan 

Depot Street 
Suffield, Connecticut 

"Always full of fun" . . . Our Kleenex girl . . . "I'm 
going on a diet next week" ... a terrific bridge play- 
er .. . "Serenade" ... a real drama queen. 

Glee Club, I; Prom Committees, I, 2; Yearbook, 2; 
Dramatic Club, 2. 

Mary Kathleen Kelley 

18 Henry Avenue 
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

"Kel" . . . her name is synonymous for tall . . . flash 
bulb camera ... "I love life and I want to live" . . . 
royalty . . . "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling." 

Senior Hostess. 

Hiinjriin Lakeman 

Box 264 

Saybrook, Connecticut 

"Not very tall; not very small; but sweet and pretty 
and loved by all" . . . "Supermouse" . . . knitting for 
Eddie . . . snapshot collection . . . blushes easily . . . 
scrimmage . . . "Envy." 

Dorm House Committee, I; Steering Committee, 2; 
Student Council, 2; Fashion Show, I; Glee Club, I. 

Marilyn T. Leblanc 

320 Canton Street 
Fitchburg, Massachusetts 

"Sentimental Me" . . . how 'bout a little joke? . . . 
reading . . . WMAS . . . Bing and letters to Spike 

Senior Hostess; Mixers; Formals, I, 2; Treasurer, Out- 
ing Club, 2; Attendant in Queen's Court, 2; "M.C." 
■for School Functions. 

Virginia Louise Manganiello 

6 Flyn't Avenue 
Monson, Massachusetts 

Ginny . . . Amherst enthusiast (at least when this was 
written) . . . Beta Theta Phi . . . ever see her when she 
wasn't laughing? . . ."I Can Dream, Can't I?" 

Glee Club, I; Outing Club, I, 2; Fashion Show, I; 
Narrator, 2; Queen's Court, I; Prom Committees, I, 
2; Mixers, 2; "Hourglass" staff,2; Senior Hostess. 

Joan Marshall 

60 Harvard Street 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 

Joannie . . . Knit one, purl two . . . ATO -fraternity 
pin . . . terrific personality . . . "Stardust." 

Dorm House Committee, I, 2; Fashion Shows, I, 2; 
Senior Hostess. 

Lorraine Jeanne Marie I 

24 Pine Street 
Southbridge, Massachusetts 

"Larry" . . . natural-curly hair . . . beautiful clothes . . . 
friendly . . . "Stardust" . . . Springfield College en- 

Fashion Show, I, 2; Glee Club, I; Senior Hostess. 

Phyllis Theresa .Hallo 

Bridgeport Avenue 
Shelton, Connecticut 

"Phyl" . . . full of pep . . . always interested . . . flash- 
ing eyes and teeth . . . sports enthusiast . . . terrific 
dancer . . . "Chuclt" . . . Dot's convertible . . . "Again" 
. . . one of those lucky gals who is going to Europe 
this summer . . . University of Connecticut . . . variety. 

Fashion Show, I; Prom Committees, I, 2; Mixers, I, 2; 
Outing Club, I, 2; Senior Hostess. 

Marie Patricia HiduiiT 

50 Florence Avenue 
Holyoke, Massachusetts 

"Knowledge is but folly unless it is guided by grace' 
"Marcy" . . . lovely to look at, delightful to know . . 
Irish humor . . . loves psychology . . . B. U. . . 
"Moonlight Serenade" . . . full of questions. 

Fashion Show, I; Prom Committees, 2; Outing Club, 
I, 2; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; Senior Hostess; Yearbook 
Staff, I. 

Lillian Rosalie Monko 

74 Mill Street 
Westfield, Massachusetts 

"I desire no future that will break the ties of the 
past" . . . Lil . . . Westfield Rooter . . . Chisty . . . 
Incendiary blonde . . . Lettuce Leaf . . . "Who's a 
Brown-Nose?" . . . "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" 
. . . busy little housewife. 

Fashion Show, I, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Glee 
Club, I; Yearbook Staff, 2; Senior Hostess; Dramatic 

Carol Borg Olson 

91 Shuttle Meadow Avenue 
New Britain, Connecticut 

Keeps the lounge awake . . . Carl . . . "Hey Cookie!' 
. . . atomic quality ... "I Only Have Eyes For You' 
. . . loves to square dance. 

Fashion Show, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2; Glee Club, I, 
2; Student Council, I; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; Yearbook 
Staff, 2; Senior Hostess. 


Joan Emily Palmer 

14 Upper Beverly Hills 

West Springfield, Massachusetts 

"Where judgment has wit to express it, there is the 
best orator" . . . Jo . . . outdoor girl . . . never 
ruffled . . . going to Europe . . . "Can we wear dun- 
garees?" Loves music and art . . . sudden smile and 
dry humor ... A fire in the fireplace . . . Fords 
and Studebakers. 

Fashion Show, 2; Student Council, I, 2, Vice-President, 
2; Outing Club, Vice-President, I; Steering Commit- 
tee, 2; "Hourglass" Staff, 2; Mixers, 2. 

Catherine Alexander Pappas 

103 Ward Street 

Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts 

"Character makes its own destiny" . . . "Cathy" . . . 
a Grecian beauty . . . studious nature . . . efficient 
... a traveler . . . "Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than 
You Think)." 

Prom Committees, 2; Outing Club, 2; Yearbook, 2; 
Senior Hostess. 

Barbara Jane Pendleton 

141 High Street 
Thomaston, Connecticut 

"Little in stature, but who can match her?" "Bobbie' 
. . . friendly smile . . . "Where Are You?" Dusty . . , 
we like her lovely hair! . . . "Sentimental Me" . . 
Square Dancing . . . Convertibles. 

Outing Club, I, 2; Mixers, I, 2. 


aim 1 IV|i|iin 

Old Plain Road 
Willimantic, Connecticut 

"Come on kids!" . . . Pep . . . always on the go . . . 
ready for a good time . . . knitting, cards, reading 
. . . "Body and Soul" . . . Trinity . . . "Hey, Pot!" 

Fashion Shows, I, 2; Mixers; Student Council Treas- 
urer, 2; Outing Club, I, 2; Senior Hostess. 

Marjorie Elinor Plate 

47 Thorndilce Street 
Concord, New Hampshire 

"Quiet in spirit with flashing eyes and winning smile' 
. . . Marj . . . Beautiful blonde tresses . . . quiet, till 
you know her . . . nice and neat . . . Ipana smile . . 
Amherst . . . Beta Theta Pi . 

Queen's Court, I; Mixers, I, 2; Prom Committees, I, 2; 
Outing Club, I, 2; Committee to Entertain U. N. 
Secretaries, I; Dramatic Club, 2; Glee Club, I. 

Zena Mary Podhorny 

433 Washington Street 
Haverhill, Massachusetts 

Glutton for cuttin' . . . daily mail . . . happy-go-lucky 
. . . Springfield College . . . "There's No Tomorrow." 

Fashion Shows, I, 2; Senior Hostess; Outing Club, I. 

Lois Margaret Schnlze 

83 Pine Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

Butterscotch Sundaes . . . Bowling . . . Canasta . . 
"Dreamy Old New England Moon." 

"Hourglass" Staff, 2; Senior Hostess; Outing Club; 
Prom Committee; Yearbook, 2. 

Marie Miller Shanley 

21 I Pleasant Street 
Holyolce, Massachusetts 

"Sweet and lovely." Mimi . . . beautiful hair . . . 
personality plus . . . Roger and Hartford . . . friend 
to everyone . . . piano . . . "Stardust." 

Dorm House Committee, 2; Outing Club, 2; Fashion 
Show, 2; Queen's Court, 2. 



Carol Jane Spinney 

82 Sunapee Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

Curly haired . . . "Gosh, I'm tired!" 
swimming, and learning to play cards 
No Tomorrow." 


■ «~ C^ 

Outing Club, I, 2; Senior Hostess; Prom Committee. 


Belly Jean Starkey 

24 Coolridge Road 
Milford, Connecticut 

"Short but oh so Sweet!" . . . "Wanna play Pinochle?" 
"That's O. K.l" . . . football games . . . "Silver 
Dollar" . . . Hunting, fishing. 

Outing Club, I, 2; Mixers; Prom Committee; Year- 
book, 2. 

Erina Jean Stralean 


"Here comes the bride." Sweet and always smiling 
. . . nice clothes . . . Bill . . . loves to dance ... we 
wish her all the luck in the world. 

Fashion Show, I, 2; Queen's Court, I, 2; Outing Club, 
I, 2; Glee Club, I; Hostess for U. N. Secretaries, I; 
Senior Hostess. 

Virginia Nay Snrprenant 

6 Meadow Street 
Williamstown, Massachusetts 

Ginny . . . Snuffy Smith . . . New York Yankees . . . 
"Good Night Sweet Prince" . . . "What's new on 
Broadway this season?" 

"Hourglass" Staff, 2; Bay Path Senior Scholarship; 
Dean's List, I, 2. 

Theresa Elizabeth Tenerowicz 

126 Windsor Street 
Thompsonville, Connecticut 

"Terry" . . . Interior Decorating . . . "Body and Soul." 

Fashion Shows; Outing Club, 2; Mixers, 2; Prom Com- 
mittee, 2. 

Marilyn Lee Terry 

56 Surrey Lane 
Southington, Connecticut 

"Again" . . . Swimming, dancing. 

Glee Club, I, 2; Outing Club, I, 2; Senior Hostess. 

Jeannine J. Toulouse 

Gilman Heights 
Waterville, Maine 

"Full of pep; full of fun" . . . Duchess . . . frequent 
trips to Friendly's . . . Duke . . . collects souvenirs . . . 
Billy Eckstein's "Body and Soul" . . . basketball fan. 

Outing Club, I; ueen s Court, 2; Fashion Show, I, 2; 
Yearbook, 2; Senior Hostess; "Hourglass" Staff, 2. 

Lillian Elizabeth Trejsner 

720 Orange Street 

New Haven, Connecticut 

"A beautiful smile is a thing to treasure always" . . . 
Lil . . . nice to look at, nicer to know . . . Yale fan 
. . . looks bashful, but you never can tell . . . hot 
fudge sundaes. 

Fashion Show, I; Outing Club, I; Senior Hostess. 

Doris Theresa Tremblay 

2164 Wilbraham Road 
Springfield, Massachusetts 

"Ah — the gift of beauty" . . . Sailing . . . swimming 
. . . "Eric's Grill" . . . Holy Cross . . . basketball . . . 
Coast Guard . . . Blue Room ... St. John's University 
. . . writing letters. 

Fashion Show, I, 2; "Hourglass" Staff; Queen's Court, 
2; Prom Committees, I, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2. 

Jean Beverly Welt 

122 Mapleton Avenue 
Suffield, Connecticut 

"There's No Tomorrow" . . . Don . . . Swimming 
knitting . . . roller skating . . . ping-pong. 

Queen's Court, 2; Class Secretary, 2; Bay Path Senior 
Scholarship; Outing Club; Prom Committees, I, 2; 
Mixers, I, 2; Senior Hostess. 

Joyce Corra White 

I Rostone Place 
Pittsfield, Massachusetts 

"Stardust" . . . knitting, skiing . . . "West Point" 
Sunday Niters' enthusiast. 

Glee Club, 2; Mixers; Outing Club, I, 2. 

Helen Frances Whittemore 

6 Wesleyan Street 
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts 

"Life is just one darn thing after another." Whit . . . 

basketball . . . week-end commuter . . . Bob . . . 

pretty blonde hair . . . loves to dance. "Where's 

Outing Club, I; Glee Club, I; Hostess for U. N. 
Secretaries, I; Fashion Show, I, 2; Prom Committee, 
I; Senior Hostess. 

Ellen Louise Wood 

85 Westminster Avenue 
Portland, Maine 

My trumpet . . . Harry James . 
skiing, tennis . . . nice to know. 

'Deep Purple' 

Yearbook Staff, 2; Senior Hostess; Glee Club, I, 2; 
Outing Club, I, 2; Prom Committee, I; Fashion 
Show, 2. 

Wary Hayes lnroin 

308 Enfield Street 
Thompsonville, Connecticut 

"How 'bout that?" . . . Knitting . . . Pinochle . . 
Swimming . . . Dancing . . . Jerry . . . "My Man! 

"Hourglass" Staff, 2; Fashion Show, I, 2; Senior 
Hostess; Herald Tribune Forum, 2; Yearbook Staff, 2. 

Graduated February, 1950 
Susan Lantz 

22 Falmouth Road 
Longmeadow, Massachusetts 

Joanne Roach 

22 Monmouth Street 
Springfield, Massachusetts 



History, Will, Prophecy 

Ilision of (lie Class of 'ill 

The twentieth of September! How well we remember! 
With hearts forlorn, we awoke that morn, 
To learn, upon seniors we must not intrude, 
Must not be a flapper, and yet not a prude, 
But assume a dignified attitude. 

We had class spirit — and many friends claim 

It was this fine quality that gained us fame, 

And helped us acquire an honored name. 

With such cooperation as we had, we heard folks say — 

A wonderful class that will be some day — 

A class that will lead, for others, the way. 

'Twas the thirtieth of September that we knew looking around, 

That a better President ne'er could be found. 

After the President's Tea, no words could we find — though try we may- 

To express our devotion which grows day by day, 

To President Carr — our friend always. 

The Elizabeth Arden Grooming Clinic finally arrived, 
Giving us helpful hints which the girls applied. 
Awkward sights were then transformed 
When the beauty treatment was performed. 

The next school function, the Halloween Ball, 
Found a fortune teller before a crystal ball. 
A magician with his table of tricks makes us recall 
That this was a gala event enjoyed by all. 

The last week end in October, 
Found the UN Secretaries from all over. 
About their native countries we were told 
And of the positions they now hold. 

New ideas and fashions were then shown 

By our gorgeous models who wore each gown. 

Armistice Day holiday came at last 
Finding the dorm girls packing fast. 
The first vacation of the year 
Was certainly welcomed with a cheer. 

Thanksgiving vacation rolled around 
Suitcases and hatboxes were all prolonged. 
Turkey and cranberry prepared for all 
Became a dinner welcomed by all. 

Class Officers now we, to you, tell — 

Marion Cook, our President, you all know well, 

Arlene Burnham for Vice-President, 

Nancy Johnson to keep all money not spent, 

Popular Myra Lou Sisisky kept our records all year — 

From September to May, it was clear 

That their spirit was fine and their work sincere. 

Santa came to greet us 

At the Christmas party given us. 

The sweet voices of our school choir 

Produced the religious effect they wished to acquire. 

And so the Christmas holiday was started, 

As the girls eagerly departed. 

It certainly was hard to settle down 
As the end of this semester came around. 
Dead week and exams were finally here, 
And the girls were faced with a sudden fear. 

The Valentine party was a fine reception 
For the new semester now in session. 

As we met Dean McCraray — our hard-working leader, 
We realized no one can beat her. 
The Dean's Tea is always a success 
Moreso than our dances, we must confess. 

Easter vacation was, indeed, a welcomed sight, 
And once again we definitely took to flight. 

Everyone looked chic in her outfit walking down the aisles, 
Turning around twice before the row of admiring eyes. 
Yes, this was our Spring Style Show, 
And every chair was filled in each row. 

"Oh, Mr. Waite, it's taking so long!" 

Why do you insist to prolong 

The refilling of the swimming pool. 

Our spring formal brought great delight — 
Pastel colors were displayed that night. 

The formal, dreaded exams, the picnic, class day, and graduation were o'er, 
And we looked back on our accomplishments, 
Hoping that still greater success was in store. 

Back we came eagerly, as Seniors now. 

The Juniors, before us, respectfully bow. 

But soon the events of the year had begun, 

And Seniors and Juniors were banded as one. 

After a summer of fun and rest, 

We continued our search for learning with zest. 

As a Junior College we rate with the best. 

Words can't ever express 

Whether in mind or in press 

The fine work of the Student Council, 

Credit for the success of this program 

Should be chorused by all 

With the mention of the name, Marion Hall. 

With plans for commencement activities — 

Socials and studies — anxieties — 

The days and weeks sped quickly by, 

Although to prolong them, we often did try. 

At our successful coronation and fashion show, rousing and gay, 

As well as on our Graduation Day — 

We wished that, here, we could longer stay. 

It is hard to find words appropriate — 

To express the thoughts of a graduate — 

Joy at completing a task begun — 

Sorrow to leave those whose friendship we've won. 

In the future, in days of joy or distress, 

The happiest memories that we'll possess, 

Will be those of our years — here at Bay Path Junior College! 

Hill ill llif Class of '.ill 

We, the class of 1950, Bay Path Junior College, being of sound (?) mind, do hereby in- 
dividually bequeath to various members of the Class of 1951 the following items: 

Bernice Bock leaves her car to Gene Sutherland for transportation next year. 

Elaine Brainard leaves her bicycle to any Junior who needs a ride. 

Irene Buchanan, our Queen, leaves — with our best wishes! 

Lee Burnham bequeaths her inimitable game of bridge, and also her lousy hands, to 
Milly Boivin. 

Shirley Christensen leaves her ability to remain calm under any and all circumstances 
to next year's Medical Seniors. 

Bernie Fishbone leaves the correct time to Miss Friedman's Psych class. 

Joyce Felsburg leaves Pat Morris with the shortest hair on the campus. 

Dorothy Ferrara wills her many good times in the Outing Club to Corry Russell and 
Joan Krolikowski. 

Jean Deresienski wills all her unused cuts to Marion Brooks. 

Chris Clark leaves her winter coat to some unsuspecting Junior to wear while going 
from Deepwood to Glen Hall next year. 

Joan Clark bequeaths her ride to Holyoke to Pat O'Connell. 

Helen Chudzik wills to some sweet Junior her gift of gab and the job of finishing the 
argyle socks she started in September. 

Marion Cook leaves her "soft, soothing" voice to Mimi Premo. 

Joan Crompton wills the candy machine to anyone who is willing to struggle with it! 

Phyllis Matto wills her sparkling smile to anyone with a strong enough constitution to 

withstand the consequences. 

Mary Kelley leaves her sweet- Irish disposition to Pat Mullins. 

Beverly Amundsen wills her good luck to sleep three mornings a week second semester 
to Pat Mullins. 

Vera Dillon bequeaths her ping-pong paddle to any Junior who can beat President 
Carr at one game of ping-pong. 

Marion Bissell leaves her practice in finger-pricking to any lab-loving Junior Med. 

Ellen Brown wills her love for the Berkshires to Barbara Smith. 

Norma After wills to Jeanne Moore a bag of potato chips to keep her entertained on 
those long trips home. 

Justine Frissell leaves her love for the Air Corps to any Junior. 

Joan Goetze bequeaths her little black book to Boots Wells. 

Zena Podhorny leaves her daily mail to Barbara Smith. 

Bonnie Edwards wills her place on the Dean's List to Laura Schraner. 

Carol Frissell leaves her daily letters from "that certain someone" to Anita Bugbee. 

Sue Lantz leaves her "Brown" songs to the future "Kozy Korner Krumbs." 

Joanne Roach leaves her outstanding ability in shorthand to Shirley Sullivan. 

Dorothy Kaplan leaves her ready wit and intelligence to Tove Hunderup. 

Rita Anelons leaves her ability to be seen and not heard to Dot Giedrich. 

June Austin leaves her sharp line to Pat O'Connell. 

Jeanne Benjamin leaves her pipe to Mimi Premo. 

Barbara Bock leaves her luscious lunches to Mr. Bliss for a four o'clock snack. 

Jean Fisher leaves her marked pinochle deck to Jo Bibik. 

Carol Olson bequeaths her Wednesday night dates for square dancing to Marion 

Marie McGuire leaves her typical Irish Beauty to the Juniors for St. Patty's Day. 

Jo Palmer wills her Ragg-Mopp hat to anyone who will promise to wear it to school 
every day. 

Lill Monko leaves her vitality to Harriet Galemba. 

Anne Hart bequeaths all the cigarettes she has lost this year to the lucky Junior who 
finds them. 

Marilyn LeBlanc wills her sense of humor to next year's Executive Students. 

Marj Platine leaves her love of black coffee to anyone who can drink as much of it as 
she can! 

Cathy Pappas wills her two brothers to Corry Russell. 

Bobbie Pendleton bequeaths her bubbling laugh to Joan Kellogg. 

Jean Straleau leaves her key to Springfield College to Mary Ann Beaudry. 

Helen Whittemore wills her precious weekends to Dawn Stanton. 

Marie Shanley bequeaths to Betty Monahan her frequent phone calls from Hartford. 

Lillian Trejsner leaves her trusty "blade" to prick any willing Junior to Laura Schraner. 

Jeannine Toulouse wills her nightly walks around campus with royalty to Jane Steen. 

Maryjean Lakeman leaves her past behind her and her future ahead of her. 

Larry Martel leaves her precious blade to Jean Cain — may she have as much luck with 
it as Larry had. 

Joan Marshall bequeaths her demerits to Kathy Grierson so she can have more restful 

Marion Hosko wills her fast-flying tatting shuttle to Joan Hicks so she can keep busy 
during study hours. 

Audrey (Madame de Farge) Fleischman leaves her knitting to Barbara Rafferty. 

Joyce Fontaine leaves her wardrobe for future fashion shows. 

Joan Gagnon leaves her ability to ask questions to Jean Cain. 

Marion Hall leaves her dignified manner to Marilyn Motyka. 

Joyce Peppin leaves her interests at Trinity College. 

Lois Schulze leaves her bobby sox and loafers to Doris Lynch. 

Carol Spinney leaves her curly blond hair to Dot Gould. 

Betty Starkey just wants to leave. 

Virginia Surprenant leaves a well-marked machines workbook to any Junior who feels 
the need to learn of secrets of decimal division on the machines. 

Estelle Beaulieu leaves her ability to get out of anything at any time to Shirley Sulli- 

Theresa Tenerowicz leaves her beau-bate at B. P.'s mixers to some lonely Junior girl. 

Marilyn Terry leaves her quiet manner to Priscilla Bruneau. 

Doris Tremblay leaves her drawing ability to any Junior who dares! 

Jean Welt leaves her athletic ability, to Joanne Chickosky. 

Joyce White leaves her interests at West Point to any Junior girl with patience. 

Ellen Wood leaves her limber limbs to any Junior ski enthusiast. 

Mary Yocom leaves the telephone booth to any Junior who can stand and talk for one 

Virginia Manganiello leaves "them there eyes" to any Junior who can use them as well 
as Ginny has. 

Prophecy of the Class of '50 

It is October 25, 1959, and the members of the Class of 1950 are having their reunion 
at the new Alumnae Building, Carr Hall, at Bay Path Junior College, just ten years from 
the day that they heard President Carr announce the new status of Bay Path as a junior 
college. A committee appointed for the purpose of recording an outstanding event in 
each member's life since she left Bay Path is ready to read its report. 

BEVERLY AMUNDSEN — has finally established her antique shop in Gardner, Massa- 
chusetts, and is doing very well for herself. 

RITA ANELONS — is now owner of the "Kozy Kitten Tea Shoppe" where you can get 
coffee for a nickel. 

NORMA ATTER (Mrs. Gordon Bemis) and CAROL FRISSELL (Mrs. Carl Page) — are 
still enjoying life in Keene, New Hampshire, but now it's wedded bliss. 

JUNE AUSTIN — can now be seen as the Queen of T.V. She has replaced Fran of the 
Kukla, Fran, and Ollie show. 

ESTELLE BEAULIEU — has recently received an award for being the only woman driv- 
er without any dented fenders. 

JEANNE BENJAMIN and JOYCE FELSBURG — whose blood has turned to printer's 
ink by this time, are both diligently working on the staff of Esquire. 

MARION BISSELL — was recently on television portraying the perfect medical secre- 

BARBARA and BERNICE BOCK — are posing now for the "Which Twin Has the 
Toni?" ads. Incidentally, Barbara, on the right, has it. 

ELAINE BRAINARD — handy with the needle and thread, now has an excellent posi- 
tion with the well-established firm of Hart, Schaffner, and Marx — good public rela- 

ELLEN BROWN — is studying to get her Doctor's Degree in Psych, and she's still 
passing tests with flying colors. 

IRENE BUCHANAN — was recently chosen Queen of the Ball. It seems that her hus- 
band Carl is captain of the local baseball team putting on the affair. 

ARLENE BURNHAM — with her ready wit, is now Toastmistress for the Liar's Club, 
New England Branch. 

SHIRLEY CHRISTENSEN — is now head of the Student-Faculty Complaint Panel here 
at Bay Path. 

HELEN CHUDZIK — is still getting an armful of roses from her husband. Faithful, isn't 

CHRISTINE CLARK — still has her 1940 Dodge. But, Chris is getting a new Cadillac 
next week. 

JOAN CLARK — has been promoted from the men's department at Steiger's to man- 
ager of the entire Holyoke store. 

MARION COOK — "Cookie" was recently elected, by the Robbie Radio Corpora- 
tion, "Miss Dum-Dum of 1959." 

JEAN DERESIENSKI — is still telling her long stories. Let's sit this one out. 

VERA DILLON — Since Vera was so competent on the Steering Committee here at 
Bay Path, she has been asked by the Government to help straighten out foreign affairs. 

ANNE DRENZEK — has recently married an up-and-coming doctor. Anne is one of 
the fortunate girls who successfully combine marriage and a career. 

BONNIE EDWARDS — has done very well for herself. She is a great social entertainer 
and has traveled all over the world. 

DOROTHY FERRARA — is still holding presidential office of several prominent 
women's clubs. 

BERNICE FISHBONE — and her brood can be seen weekly attending the Gene Autry 
series at Court Square. 

JEAN FISHER — and her professor husband can still be seen haunting the campus at 
M. I. T. 

AUDREY FLEISCHMAN — and her offspring can be seen occupying the row behind 
Bernie at Court Square. 

JOYCE FONTAINE — "Bunny," on her trip to Europe, met her cosmopolitan dream- 
man and now has a fleet of yachts. 

JUSTINE FRISSELL — is enjoying herself in that beautiful island of Honolulu with her 
air-corps husband, Norman Moffett. 

JOAN GAGNON — who was learning how to play bridge in school, has, by dint of 
careful research and innumerable questioning, written a book called, "How to Finesse 

JOAN GOETZE — "Greatest Woman 'Hot-Rod' Driver in the World," has entered 
her "hot-rod" convertible in the stock car races at Riverside Park. 

MARION HALL — has composed an all-girl orchestra from the girls at the Shriners 1 
Hospital where she works. They now take part in all Shriners' affairs. 

ANNE HART — has worked hard to get her voice pitched lower and finally has suc- 
ceeded. She is now the greatest woman basso alive. 

MARION HOSKO — now a Society woman, wears a silver chain, instead of a string, 
around her neck, and spectacles hang where an eraser used to. 

DOROTHY KAPLAN — still runs around in her Ford car bringing boxes of Kaplan's 
Kleenex (which she manufactures) to all her old friends from Bay Path. 

MARY KELLEY — has taken over Mrs. Ridley's job as House Director. She just couldn't 
bear to leave Empsall Hall. 

MARYJEAN LAKEMAN — is the captain of the greatest women's basketball team in 
the States, "The Wolverines." 

SUE LANTZ — is still working for the same law firm in Boston. She lost her chance for 
marriage by losing her frat pin. 

MARILYN LeBLANC — and Bob Hope are still battling it out for the top Hooper 
rating. It's a close race, folks. 

VIRGINIA MANGANIELLO — John Powers has discovered Ginny and has taken her 
from her typewriter. 

JOAN MARSHALL — has joined her husband, Bob Stuart, in the selling of used cars 
in Gardner, Massachusetts. Bob buys them and Joan drives them. 

LORRAINE MARTEL — is doing well for herself in the art of dancing. She is now run- 
ning one of Arthur Murray's studios. 

PHYLLIS MATTO — is head of the Colgate-Palmolive Peet Company, Toothpaste 
Division. She got the job because of her beautiful smile and worked herself up. 

MARIE McGUIRE — is teaching Psychology and its function in marriage at Mt. Hol- 
yoke. She has taken over Dr. Lobb's position. 

LILLIAN MONKO — went with Chisty to South America. She's now teaching the 
native girls typewriting at the Bay Path extension there. 

CAROL OLSON — time hasn't changed Carol at all. She is still having trouble trying 
to decide how to manage her date life. 

JOAN PALMER — now assists Instructor Earling (formerly of S.C.) in operating the 
ski-tow at Bay Path. 

CATHERINE PAPPAS — is currently on a lecture tour throughout the United States. 
Her subject is, "The Glory that was Greece." 

BARBARA PENDLETON — "Bobbie's" little son, Dusty, Junior, is entering Naval 
Academy next fall. 

JOYCE PEPPIN — Joyce has accomplished one of her chief desires in life. She has 
eleven boys for a football team. 

MARJORIE PLATINE — is now production head of Platine Hair Rinses. She fools 
them; they all think that Marge does her hair, but hers is naturally blonde. 

ZENA PODHORNY — has a tremendous job as private secretary to the President of 
the United States. Zena says it's great taking dictation on the balcony on the side of 
the White House. 

JOANNE ROACH — was the subject of an article by a prominent magazine for her 
competence in handling her home and family so efficiently and her intelligence and 
ingenuity as Personnel Director of the Kellogg Envelope Company. 

LOIS SCHULZE — was recently seen in Hollywood wearing dark glasses. We wonder 
whether she was incognito or just had another black eye. 

MARIE SHANLEY — who is now Mrs. Roger Hill, has been chosen as "Mrs. America." 

CAROL SPINNEY — Captain Spinney of the Waves now has Barb Rafferty and Ginny 
Phillips of the Naval Reserve scrubbing decks for her. 

BETTY STARKEY — gave such exact and convincing testimony at a recent murder 
trial (purely the result of Law Class) that she was awarded the title of "Witness of the 

JEAN STRALEAU — is living in Florida with her husband. Bill and Jean have been 
blessed with a pair of twin boys. 

VIRGINIA SURPRENANT — "Ginny" is now a top star in Hollywood. Katherine Hep- 
burn was getting old so our Ginny took over. Now we have to pay to hear Ginny recite 

THERESA TENEROWICZ — Terry has made millions on her own formula for a special 
eye-makeup called "Purple Smudges" All New York is trying to imitate Terry's incom- 
parable eye shadows. 

MARILYN TERRY — is head of the Lost and Found Department at Friendly's. Very 

JEANNINE TOULOUSE — is currently starring in "Queen of the Dorm," playing at 
the Longmeadow Community House. 

LILLIAN TREJSNER — has surprised all of her school friends by landing herself a 
knight in shining armor. Congratulations, Lil. 

DORIS TREMBLAY — is a prominent member of the Alumni societies of Holy Cross, 
U. of Alabama, St. John's, and a few local basketball teams. She still can't make up her 

JEAN WELT and ELLEN WOOD — were married on the same day. Jean is teaching 
her children how to do backflips and Ellie has her cherubs on skiis already. 

JOYCE WHITE — has made use of her hobby of taking pictures and is now head of 
the Pittsfield Plummy Party Pictures Company. 

HELEN WHITTEMORE — is still keeping in touch with Jean Straleau, and has man- 
aged to surpass Jean on one score. She now has ten children. 

MARY YOCOM — time hasn't altered Mary at all. She is still her jovial self and still 
spends quite a bit of her spare time on the telephone. Only now it is to call the house- 
wives around her block. 

We thus submit this report to the Class of 1950 for their approval. Lawsuits for slander 
and libel will be taken care of by the class counsel, Mr. Young. 



Mass o 

Junior Class Officers 

The Junior Class Officers represent the members of their class in all im- 
portant school functions. These officers, elected by the Junior Class, 
attempt to carry out the policies of the school in a way most beneficial to 
the members of the class. 

Mercedes Ernst 
Ruth Rising 
Barbara Smith 
Jeanne Moore 
Leila Simon 







Junior Medicals 

Junior Executives 




Portico Staff 

Assistant Editor 
Business Manager 
Art Editor 
Faculty Adviser 

Arlene Burnham 

Ellen Wood 

Dorothy Kaplan 

Marion Bissell 

Doris Tremblay 

Shirley van Valkenburgh 

The Yearbook Staff wishes to express its appreciation to all the people who 
in any way assisted with the compilation of this, our first yearbook from 
Bay Path Junior College. 

Student Council 

The Student Council, the representative governing group of the Student 
Government, is composed of officers and representatives who are elected 
by the student body to be the voice of the students and act as a link be- 
tween the student body and the faculty and administration. 


Marion Hall 
Joan Palmer 
Carol Frissell 
Joyce Peppin 








Eleanor McCaughey 
Mary Premo 
Corrinne Russell 
Gene Sutherland 
Mercedes Ernst 
(ex officio) 

Norma Atter 

Joan Clark 

Marion Hosko 

Maryjean Lakeman 

Marion Cook 

(ex officio) 

Senior Hostesses 

Each year a limited number of Senior students are given the honor of act- 
ing as Senior Hostesses to the new girls entering Bay Path. The purpose of 
this plan is to provide someone in whom a new girl can confide — one who 
will welcome her and help her become oriented to the new situations likely 
to arise in college life. This responsibility is bestowed upon the Seniors in 
order that a friendly, considerate atmosphere may prevail among all the 
students at Bay Path Junior College. 



Empsall Hall 

Empsall Hall houses a family of 42 girls guided by Mrs. Pearle S. Ridley and 
an efficient House Committee made up of representatives from both 

The standards of the dorm are set up by the girls themselves and enforced 
by the House Committee. Pleasant living is the by-word of every girl, and 
everyone considers herself a hostess in her home at the college. All parti- 
cipate in and help plan the monthly social activities. Because dorm living 
is relatively new at Bay Path, many standards and rules are still being 
studied carefully and formulated. Periodically, the House Committee meets 
with President Carr and Dean McCraray to report its progress and to solve 
any problems which may arise. 

Empsall Hall has become a socially pleasant, well-regulated dormitory add- 
ing much to our college living. 

First Semester 

Joan Marshall 
Anita Bugbee 
Norma Atter 
Marie Shanley 
Marelene Burghoff 

Second Semester 

Betty Monahan 
Joan Hicks 
Barbara Smith 
Vera Dillon 
Jane Steen 

Pearle S. Ridley 

Senior Representative 
Junior Representative 
House Director 


Glee Club 

The Glee Club, under the very capable direction and supervision of Pres- 
cott Barrows, has accomplished much more this year than in previous years. 
The girls have learned that unity and good organization in a group such as 
this is definitely necessary if the results are to be profitable. 

The programs presented by the Glee Club both at the 1949 Christmas 
Party and the Graduation of the Class of 1950 were the fruits of much re- 
hearsal under Mr. Barrow's fine direction. 

Marion Bissell 
Janis Dean 
Ruth Rising 
Carol Olson 







1 '>IC 

Outing Club 

The purpose of the Outing Club organization is to promote friendship, fel- 
lowship, enjoyment, and interest in outing activities and to co-operate with 
outing clubs of neighboring colleges. 

Dorothy Ferrara 
Janis Dean 
Caroline Allard 
Marilyn LeBlanc 
Hazel D. Ellingwood 






Steering Committee 

The Steering Committee was organized in September to help establish 
a recreation program at Bay Path. The committee consists of four members 
of the Senior Class and five members of the Junior Class with Mrs. Elling- 
wood and Miss Friedman as the sponsors. Springfield College has helped 
us organize a program. 

We have been down to Springfield College to take part in a Recreation 
Group Work Conference which proved to be beneficial in setting up our 

The girls enjoyed swimming, basketball, bowling, skiing and dramatics. 

Vera Dillon 
Marelene Burghoff 
Ruth Rising 



Susan Leslie 

Joan Palmer 

Ellen Kennard 
Eleanor McCaughey 



Irene Buchanan 
Maryjean Lakeman 


Hazel D. Ellingwood 
Ethelle C. Friedman 



The Hourglass 

The school year was inaugurated with the first publication of a newspaper 
for Bay Path. The paper, then known as the CAMPUS CRIER, was distribut- 
ed free of charge to the students twice a month. Since the paper was in 
an experimental stage during the first semester, it was put out in mimeo- 
graphed form. 

With the termination of the first semester, it was decided that the news- 
paper would be an established part of the school. With this thought in 
mind, the editors and President Carr considered it advisable to publish the 
paper in printed form. A new staff was formed, and the name was changed 


Business Manager 
Senior Editor 

Junior Editor 



Jeanne Benjamin 
Joyce Felsburg 
Betty Monahan 
Bonnie Edwards 

Mary Premo 

Vera Dillon 

Jeannine Toulouse 

Virginia Surprenant 

Audrey Fleischman 

Harriet Galemba 

Shirley van Valkenburgh 

Speed Test 

The room was filled with an atmosphere of urgent haste. Keys beat their 
rhythmic tattoo, while bells clanged a merry musical accompaniment. Fin- 
gers flew lightly over the machines — hurrying, hurrying, hurrying. The hand 
of the time clock was drawing closer to the zero hour, leaving little oppor- 
tunity to erase the marring error or retrieve the fallen shield. All was noisy 
speed. Replacing every thought, determination revealed itself in the grim 
concentration of bent heads and flying fingers. 

The bell has rung! Its ring is not a merry one as those on the machines. This 
is the bell of the time clock — tolling the doom of the fidgeters, the put- 
terers, the time-wasters. This is the bell ending the first round between 
skill and time. Now the machines are quiet and all that can be heard is the 
busy scratching of many pencils on many papers. The bent heads are 
raised one at a time and soon the scratching is replaced by noisy conversa- 
tion. Then once again the clock is set. 

Time reigns as before. The conversation is stilled. The merry tattoo begins. 
Fingers fly lightly over the machines. All is hurrying, hurrying, hurrying. 

Harriet Galemba '51 



American Beauties 

Queen Attendants Court 

Irene Buchanan 

Marilyn LeBlanc 
Jeannine Toulouse 
Janis Dean 
Marie Shanley 
Barbara Voelker 
Shirley Sullivan 

Patricia O'Connell 

Erina Jean Straleau 

Marelene Burghoff 

Doris Tremblay 

Marion Bissell 

Jean Welt 


Our Queen 

Irene Annette Buchanan 

Wilbraham, Massachusetts 



1+ was a strange peaceful night by the lake. 

The moon wove its silvery rays 

Over the soft rippling waves. 

A soft wind swayed the dark pines, 

And the stars were twinkling 

Like merry eyes 

Witnessing young love. 

The small waves washed the shore softly 

With a gliding sound, 

And the grass seemed to sigh 

As the wind bent it here and there. 

It was the end of a weary day; 

And the busy world had gone asleep 

When nature woke up. 

The frogs were having a merry conversation; 

The big father bull-frog yelled at baby, 

Who answered snappily 

With a sound like a violin being plucked. 

Far away the crickets were chirping happily, 

Trying to outdo the frogs. 

A lone bird was still singing sadly 

In a swaying tree, 

As a soft accompaniment 

To our words of love. 

This peaceful night was made for love, 
Pure, clean, and sweet; 
Soft kisses, 
Murmuring words, 
A silent embrace. 

It was the perfect night 

For young love. 

Peace and tranquility 

With the moon smiling its consent above. 

Tove Hunderup '51 


■ r 





| •* 






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